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UPDATE: OPERATION PUPPY LOVE - NSCDA Partners with America’s VetDogs


We are THRILLED to introduce "Dame" to the members of the NSCDA. Dame was born this past summer and is a cross between a Labrador and a Golden Retriever. She currently lives with her volunteer puppy raiser in Athens, Georgia. There Dame will learn: housebreaking, good manners, obedience, to "come" on command, leash training, and, of course, her name, Dame!

This fall, she will leave Georgia for the America's Vet Dogs campus in Smithtown, New York for her advanced training.

What is America’s VetDogs ?
It is a fully accredited national Veteran support program that provides service dogs to hundreds of Veterans, active-duty military, and first responders who have incurred a disability resulting from their military service.  

How will our members benefit?

  • Connect Dames and communities to their military service members.
  • Enhance Dame awareness of Veterans’ needs through Service Dog Team presentations at Biennial, Annual State Meetings, and Town Committee meetings.
  • Increase our national visibility and exposure through marketing from America’s VetDogs–Annual Report, a permanent NSCDA kennel plaque, and promotion in their eNewsletters and on social media.
What makes America's VetDogs unique?
Compared with other service dog programs, America’s VetDogs provides services for a wider range of physical and mental challenges that our Veterans face every day. They train and place guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf, facility dogs for Military Hospitals and VA Medical Centers, assistance dogs for those suffering from PTSD, and service dogs for those with physical impairments. 
For more information or to find out how yuo can help this amazing organization, please visit their website at www.VetDogs.org