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nscda reenactors2aMany Michigan groups stage historic re-enactments of early military and domestic life in order to encourage the study and understanding of Colonial American history. As part of such organizations, veteran re-enactors teach the younger, less experienced generation the skills that were needed to live and survive on the American frontier of  the 18th century. Winter months are spent creating clothing, tools and home utensils, always following 18th century methods. These period pieces are then put into practice at public re-enactments during the spring, summer and fall, exposing visitors to the history and daily life of Colonial America.
Through their experiences, the re-enactors also gain an appreciation for the stories of the individuals who were the foundation of our great country and learn, in depth, about its history. In turn, they pass this knowledge and appreciation on to others, many of whom may have had little knowledge about colonial history.

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