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Gunston Hall wins Virginia Association of Museums Innovation Award.  

At our March Board meeting, Carol Stephenson, Michigan Regent of Gunston Hall, was pleased to share the following report...

I am extremely pleased to announce that Gunston Hall is the 2021 recipient of the Virginia Association of Museums Innovation Award. This award is given annually to a museum that has demonstrated a commitment to building relationships and creating a meaningful impact within their community. Museums being considered for the award were particularly evaluated in the areas of diversity and inclusion, expanding audience and community engagement. Gunston Hall was given high marks for innovative work in expanding their audience, which in turn led to enhanced community engagement and increased diversity of the people they serve.

Director Scott Stroh praised the team effort of the entire staff, saying, "We would never have been able to successfully navigate the past 12 months without your inspiring leadership and support, so our receipt of this award is truly reflective of our entire organization's efforts -- Board, staff, volunteers, partners and friends -- over the past year; congratulations and thank you!"

As one of my fellow Regents, praising Scott and his staff, so aptly remarked, "You make us all proud to support Gunston Hall." Well said.

Gunston Hall is an 18th century Georgian mansion that was home to Geoge Mason, author if the Virginia Declaration of Rights, precursor to the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution. The home, located just down the Potomac River from George Washington's Mount Vernon, is now a museum, owned by the State of Virginia and maintained by the NSCDA.